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Atomo Bleep-Bleep is an atom which has been magnified and mutated a gazillion times by a machine created by Dr. Einmug. He was created by Scarpa in the Mickey Mouse story "Topolino e la dimensione Delta" (TL 206 - 207, 1959). He can "spit" a beam of mesons that has the property of changing the structure of matter (e.g. he can turn iron into chocolate). His twin brother Atomo Bep-Bep is evil, and joins forces with Pete. He "dies" (gets re-shrunk to atom size, actually) in the final battle of that same story. Bleep-Bleep, instead, reappears in several other excellent Scarpa stories of that period that is, incidentally, Scarpa's greatest season as a writer.  It appears that Atomo Bleep-Bleep continues to live with Dr. Einmug as his assistant and ocassionally teams up with Mickey Mouse on new adventures.

Appearances Edit

  • Topolino e la dimensione Delta (1959)
  • Topolino e Bip-Bip alle sorgenti mongole (1959)
  • Topolino e la collana Chirikawa (1960)
  • Topolino e il Bip Bip -15 (1960)
  • Topolino imperatore della Calidornia (1961)
  • Topolino nel favoloso regno di Shan-Grillà (1961)
  • Topolino alle olimpiadi (1964)
  • Gancio vince sempre! (1965)
  • Topolino e le lettere misteriose (1982)
  • Topolino e i funghi radioattivi (1983)
  • Topolino e l'acceleratore nucleare (1985)
  • Topolino e la missione in Losconia (1986)
  • 60 anni insieme con Topolino (1993)
  • Topolino e gli Ombronauti (2012)
  • Eta Beta l'uomo del 3000 (2013)

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