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Chisel McSue is an enemy of Scrooge McDuck, originally featured in the Carl Barks' "The Horseradish Story".

History Edit

Scrooge almost lost his fortune because he could not produce a single heirloom. He also accused Scrooge of not being a true Scot. Scrooge and his nephews managed to defeat him after staging a mock Battle of Culloden.

In the DuckTales episode "Down and Out in Duckburg", a character named Fritter O'Way with the same background took over Scrooge's fortune until Scrooge recovered the cargo sunk with Seafoam's ship, the Golden Goose.

His ancestor, Swindle McSue, is the man who sabotaged Seafoam McDuck's boat in 1776. Because of that incident Scrooge almost lost his fortune.

Appearances Edit

  • The Horseradish Story (1953)
  • Canute The Brute's Battle Axe (1980)
  • Het oog van de radjah (1985)
  • Who's The Richest? (1986)
  • Return to Plain Awful (1989)
  • The Last of the Clan McDuck (1992)
  • Rightful Owners (2011)
  • A McDuck by Any Other Name (2016)

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