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Dangerous Dan and Idgit the Midget are a pair of thieves who appear as recurring villains in Mickey Mouse comic stories. They first appeared in "Treasure of Oomba Loomba" by Paul Murry. Dangerous Dan is the brawn of the duo while Idgit is the brains.

They have also faced the Red Bat; in "Dance with Me" by Ivan Saidenberg and Verci de Mello, they infiltrate into a disguise party where Duckburg's millionaires dress as superheroes (Dan even shaves his mustache for his own disguise). When they find Scrooge McDuck and John D. Rockerduck are disguised as the Red Bat, they try to ambush one of them but face the actual Red Bat instead. In "The Return Of Dr. Syclocks?", Idgit uses his size to disguise himself as Doctor Syclocks and divert the police into guarding jewelries while Dan and him rob the bank, but the Red Bat turns out to be there.

Another character called Dangerous Dan appeared in the DuckTales episode, "Back to the Klondike". 

Appearances Edit

Comics Edit

  • The Treasure of Oomba Loomba (1966)
  • The Red Wasp Mystery (1967)
  • The Strange Case of Professor Zero (1968)
  • Journey to No-No Land (1970)
  • The Sign of the Scorpion (1970)
  • The Trail of the Doodlebugs (1971)
  • Message in a Nutshell (1972)
  • The Mystery Monster from Smoggy Bog (1972)
  • The Falcon's Folly (1972)
  • Peculiar Problems On Pearl Island (1973)
  • The Diabolical Disguise (1973)
  • Vigiando O Vigia (1973)
  • O Diabólico Kid Monius (1973)
  • Santa's Good Deed (1973)
  • The Southpole Robbery (1974)
  • Em Ação: O Morcego Vermelho (1974)
  • Os Sete Supergolpes (1974)
  • The Bargain Hunter (1975)
  • A Volta Triunfal Do Vespa Vermelha (1975)
  • A Chaleira Voadora (1975)
  • A Precious Stone (1975)
  • Pluto's Drumstick Dilemma (1975)
  • To Catch a Phantom (1976)
  • O Dia Treze-Treze (1976)
  • O Rei Dos Ladrões (1976)
  • A Real Doll (1976)
  • Baby-Sitter Service (1977)
  • O Clube Dos Caçadores (1977)
  • The Arctic Chase (1977)
  • Os Superfarsantes (1978)
  • The Emperor's Golden Plate (1978)
  • Ladrão Que Rouba Ladrão (1979)
  • The Ventrilquist's Dummy (1979)
  • The Missing Cattle (1979)
  • O Superomão (1979)
  • The Big Bank Robbery (1980)
  • TV Mystery (1980)
  • Balla Comigo (1981)
  • The Stolen Bank-Car (1981)
  • Super-Dingo et les pirates du temps (1982)
  • Ser Ou Não Ser... Metralha?! (1982)
  • Super-Dingo le sauveur de l'Apollon (1982)
  • O Biquinho Vermelho (1983)
  • Super-arend (1983)
  • La vallée du labyrinthe (1983)
  • A Volta Do Dr. Tictac? (1985)
  • A Working Holiday (1985)
  • Perigo Em Órbita (1987)
  • Recevez mes insondables pensées (1987)
  • Professor Ghostbreaker's Revenge (1991)
  • The Top Ranger (2013)
  • Topolino e il mistero di Borgospettro (2013)


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