Darkwing Duck
Background information
Develper: Disney Mobile Studios
Publisher: Disney Mobile Studios
Platform: Mobile Phone
Release: August 27, 2010
Genre: Action, Plataformer

Darkwing Duck is a mobile action platform game developed and published by Disney Mobile Studios. It came out on August 27, 2010 in response to the launch of the Boom! Studios comics. It is a unique product, but takes inspiration from the NES game and the TurboGrafx-16 game in terms of structure and character movement.

Summary Edit

Five master criminals have escaped from prison and are trying to bring St. Canard to its knees. These five are Jambalaya JakeTuskerninniQuackerjackMegavolt, and Taurus Bulba. Darkwing Duck is called in to bring them and their minions back behind bars. But as the crimefighter fulfills his duty as protector of the city, he discovers the criminals didn't so much escape as were freed, and by none other than Negaduck. Darkwing deals with him last, coming out victorious once more, and returns the sixth criminal to jail too.

Gameplay Edit

Darkwing Duck is a platformer with a focus on action. The player is required to make their way through five levels, fighting common enemies and a boss enemy at the end. Negaduck is the final boss, but has no level of his own. Darkwing can both shoot opponents with the gas gun or jump atop them to defeat them. Each enemy defeated earns a few points for the player score, as does finding the diamons spread across the level. The player score does not affect the gameplay. Darkwing can be hit five times before he is defeated and to get better the player has to collect health kits also spread across the level.

As for the platform portion, Darkwing can jump, grab onto wall-mounted candles, and use a hookshot to reach reach higher platforms. Some platforms move, requiring timing, while other surfaces might be slippery. Falling into a chasm means instant death. There are also large buttons to find and push in order to proceed in the levels.

Notes Edit

  • Previous Darkwing Duck video games take liberties with the source material, in part because their development precedes the solidification of said source material. The 2010 mobile game has no such argument and somehow manages to play even more loose and fast. For instance, not one of the master criminals involved is a member of F.O.W.L., yet Eggmen are among the common enemies. Another common enemy are snowmen, which are placed in Tuskerninni's context, but neither him nor any of the other master criminals have powers that explain their existence in the first place.
  • Because Negaduck is a palette swap of Darkwing, he has his own version of the gas gun while regular fiction depicts him wielding chainsaws.
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