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Dickie Duck
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tv shows
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Personal info
Full name
Personality hippie
physical Appearance slender, teenage, white female duck with blonde hair
Species duck
family Glittering Goldie (grandmother)
friends Scrooge McDuck, Huey Dewey and Louie

Dickie Duck is the teenage granddaughter of Glittering Goldie, who was left in the care of Scrooge McDuck. She was created by Romano Scarpa.

There are some Brazilian Disney comics with her as the protagonist, where she's part of a group of teenagers composed of Beckett (the Aracuan Bird as a quirky teenager) and original characters Neptunia, Olympia and Walter. Despite these spin-off stories taking place in Duckburg, they do not include appearances of other character from the Donald Duck-themed comic books or animation. 

Despite the character's success in Brazil, she stopped being used by Italian authors who considered her too tied to a '60s teenager social context that does not exist anymore. To keep using the character, she was still used in some Donald Duck-themed takes on classic literature. Recently, Dickie has resurfaced in Italian Disney comics as a reporter, occasionally seen working for the County Conscience, Scrooge's younger brother Gideon McDuck's newspaper.

Appearances Edit

TV Series Edit

  • In italian Disney TV, Topolino Show (1987)Dickie Duck makes only animated appearances was in intro, animated by him creator, master Disney artist Romano Scarpa.

Comics Edit

  • Topolino (Panini Comics) - Zio Paperone e il tesoro di Marco Polo (1966)
  • Zé Carioca (Abril) - Sir Gastão, O Grande (1970)
  • O Pato Donald (Abril) - N° 1759 (1986)
  • Margarida (1° Série) - N°6 (1986)
  • Mega Almanacco (Walt Disney Company Italia) - Il papero aureo - L'economico capolavoro (1986)
  • Almanaque Disney (Abril) - N° 244 (1991)
  • Donald i spólka (Donald i spólka) - N° 30 (1993)
  • Uncle Scrooge (Boom! Studios) - Around the World in 80 Bucks (2010)



  • Dickie's age and appearance depends a great deal on the writer and artist.
    • For example, she will sometimes have white human-like feet or regular orange duck feet. The former was more common in earlier stories featuring her, but in more recent stories the latter version is more common.
    • Sometimes she is roughly the same age as Huey, Dewey and Louie, while others show her as is she a much older teenager.
  • A popular theory among fans is that Dickie is the grandchild of Scrooge, because she addresses him by titles such as "Gramps" and "Grandpappy", through out her debut comic.
    • However according to Disney that theory is false. The English release of The Minor's Granddaughter, has printed on back page "...Scrooge learns that during a brief marriage Goldie acquired a family."

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