DisneysTwelveDaysOfChristmasSingAlong VHS 1993
The Twelve Days of Christmas
Background information
Song writer:
Animator(s): Dominic Orlando
Release date(s): 24 December 1993
Running time: approx. 35min
Gross revenue:

Disney's The Twelve Days of Christmas is part of the Disney Sing-Along Songs series.


Mickey and his friends are having Christmas together.

Songs Edit

  1. Very Merry Christmas
  2. Deck the Halls
  3. Dear Santa
  4. Jingle Bells
  5. Snow Ho Ho
  6. Hip Hop Noel
  7. He Delivers
  8. The Twelve Days of Christmas
  9. I'd Like to Have an Elephant for Christmas
  10. Here Comes Santa
  11. O Christmas Tree/We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Voice castEdit

  1. Mickey Mouse - Wayne Allwine
  2. Minnie Mouse, Huey Dewey and Louie - Russi Taylor
  3. Donald Duck - Tony Anselmo
  4. Scrooge McDuck - Alan Young
  5. Goofy Goof - Bill Farmer
  6. Daisy Duck - None


  • No host (voiceover only)