A list of quotes from Donald Duck


Fun and Fancy FreeEdit

  • "Shut up! I can't stand it!"
  • "Beans?!"
  • "Yes! We get more beans!"

Mickey's Once Upon A ChristmasEdit

  • "Boys! Where are your manners?"

Mickey's Twice Upon A ChristmasEdit

  • "All I want, is peace and quiet. And my hot chocolate."
  • "Boys, how could you?"
  • "NO!"
  • "You wanted bagpipes?"

Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three MusketeersEdit

  • "Bad guy!"
  • "I'll show you, you doggone tortoise!"
  • "I just can't. I'm sorry."

TV seriesEdit

House of MouseEdit

  • "Mickey! Mickey! Mickey! Eveybody loves Mickey!"
  • "...becuase donkies can't fly!"

Mickey Mouse (TV Series)Edit

  • "And what are we gonna do, build an entire amusement park in the middle of that field?"
  • "Me and my big beak."
  • "No. But my rich uncle does..."
  • "Hey! Watch the nachos!"

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