The DuckTales comic book published by Boom! Studios was the third of three different comic books based on the animated series of the same name. Coming at the tail end of Boom!'s run with the Disney comic license, it only lasted for six issues, from May to November of 2011.

Like the previous DuckTales comic book published by Disney Comics, Boom!'s DuckTales comic was to feature multi-part stories. It was written by Epic Mickey creator Warren Spector and was intended to be set within the same universe as the Darkwing Duck comic that Boom! was running at the time. Miquel Pujol was also announced to be the illustrator for the comic before he was even offered the position. However, the comic would end up only running two arcs (the second of which would be a crossover with the Darkwing comic) before being cancelled, and Pujol declined on illustrating the comic; the art tasks for the comic were instead handled by Leonel Castellani,Jose Massaroli, and Magic Eye Studios. (Aaron Sparrow has said that Amy Mebberson was available and willing to draw the comic, but Kaboom! editor Chris Burns was not allowed to hire her for the position.[1])

The comic was criticized for its poor writing and pacing, continuity errors and mischaracterization in relation to the show, and sloppy artwork (with particular negativity being given to an unfinished-looking page in issue #3; said page was fixed in the trade paperback of the story arc), to the point that issue #4's release was delayed by a month. With Disney shifting the license to Marvel Comics (or so it seemed), the comic and its sister title were cancelled in November 2011.

The comic's crossover arc with Darkwing Duck, "Dangerous Currency", was published without approval from Disney and is not considered canon, and as such, was not reprinted in Darkwing Duck: The Definitively Dangerous Edition. It is unclear if (but likely) the first arc, "Rightful Owners", is also no longer considered canon.