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Dugan Duck is the 4-year old nephew of Donald Duck's cousin Fethry Duck.

Background Edit

The first story featuring Dugan begins when Fethry and his girlfriend Gloria are checking the Duck family tree, and one branch has no name, just the drawing of an egg. Fethry explains that when his sister was about to get her first egg from the stork, a hand came from the egg and knocked the stork out, and when they searched, only found the stork and the broken egg shell. Fethry and Gloria travel to the jungle where the egg was lost the first time, and find Dugan who was raised by porcupines. They are all trapped by a tribe and sacrificed to a volcano, but it turns out that it is the joker tribe of Quiuanagucha and the ducks were not in real danger, with a net awaiting them before reaching the lava. Fethry takes Dugan back to the civilization.

After moving back to Duckburg, Dugan begins wearing clothes similar to his uncle's ones, and appears in several comic stories. Dugan is younger than Huey, Dewey and Louie, and considered too young to join the Junior Woodchucks and has been refused membership.

Appearances Edit

  • O Nascimento Do Biquinho - Tio Patinhas 203 (1982)
  • Biquinho, O Pequeno Cap. Kid - Edição Extra 156 (1984)
  • Escoteiros Mirins - Almanaque Disney (1985)
  • A Missão Secreta De Gordon Buck - Zé Carioca 1768 (1986)
  • O Demolidor - Disney Junior 7 (1987)
  • Meu Tio Na Olimpíada - O Pato Donald (1988)
  • O Gambalacho - Disney Mix 6 (1989)
  • Toque De Bola - Disneylândia 5 (1990)
  • Pesqueiro Muito Secreto - Urtigão (1ª Série) 112 (1991)
  • Dinamite Blà in: Sapore di mare, sapore di sale - Topolino (libretto) 3115 (2015)

Trivia Edit

  • Although various colorists (especially ones coloring Dugan's more recent appearances) have depicted Dugan with white feathers (like most Disney ducks), Dugan has often been portrayed having yellow feathers.

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