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tv shows Goof Troop
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Full name
physical Appearance young, muscular, male dog
Species dog
Enemies Max Goof

Duke is a character from Disney's 1992-1993 animated series, Goof Troop. He is the main antagonist of the episode "Leader of the Pack".

He's the leader of a gang called the Pharaohs. He is eighteen years old and is shown to dislike Max and P.J. seeing them as "dweebs" and tries to keep them away from coming to Burger Behemoth, by which he calls "The Pharaoh's Turf". Duke is also shown to have romantic feelings for Max's cousin Debbie going as far to ditch his girlfriend for Debbie instead. He is finally dethroned as "King of the Pharaohs" after he loses to Max in a skateboard race.

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Duke is shown to have a 1950s look with a brown Elvis hair style and wearing a navy blue jacket, white vest, brown jeans and black shoes.

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