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Eega Beeva is a character created by Bill Wash and Floyd Gottfredson that debuted in the 1947 comic storyline Mickey Mouse and the Man from Tomorrow. A time traveler from several centuries into the future, he was intended to be a highly evolved human, though other stories have called him an alien. Though relatively obscure in American comic stories, he is very popular in the Italian Disney comics, even receiving his own solo adventures.

Appearances Edit

  • Newspapaer N°1947 (Comic Strip) (1947): The Man of Tomorrow
  • Topolino (Panini Comics) (Comic) (1949): Eta Beta I'uomo del 2000
  • Almanacco Topolino (Arnoldo Mondadori Editore) (Comic) (1961): Eta Beta e la Fantastik Cola
  • Disney Especial (1°Série) (Abril) (Comic) (1975): O Invento De Esquálidus
  • Mickey N°285 (Abril) (Comic) (1976): O Estranho Mundo De Esquálidus
  • Almanaque Disney N°139 (Comic) (1982): Perigo Da 4ª Dimensão
  • Piscou Magazine N°144 (Comic) (1983): "Mickey et la bombe "z"
  • Donald Magazine 82-19 (Comic) (1989): "O.K. hoquet"
  • Le Journal de Mickey N° 1983 (Comic) (1990): "Le monde à l'envers"
  • Mickey N°500 (Abril) (Comic) (1991)
  • Lustiges Taschebuch N°189 - Abenteue in Absurdistan (Comic) (1993): Der Plan der Silizimianer
  • Topolino N° 1984 (Panini Comics) (Comic) (1993): 60 anni insieme con Topolino (Eleven Parts Issues)
  • Disney's Hero Squad (Boom Studios) (2010)
  • Super Disney N°55 : Lo Scrigno dei Mille (Panini Comics) (Comic) (2013): Eta Beta I'uomo del 3000

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