Father's Lion
Background information
Director: Jack Kinney
Writer: Dick Kinney
Milt Schaffer
Song writer: Joseph Dubin
Animator(s): Edwin Aardal
John Sibley
George Nicholas
Dan MacManus (effects)
Release date(s): January 4, 1952
Running time: 7 minutes
Gross revenue:

Father's Lion is an animated short film starring Goofy Goof.


Goofy and his son Goofy Jr (later renamed Max Goof) are leaving for a camping trip. As they are packing Goofy tells his son all the things he is going to teach him. Goofy's son is very excited and suggests they might shoot a lion. Later as they are driving out to the mountains in their red woodie station wagon, Goofy tells his son about his past adventures, all involving clips taken from previous Goofy short films. A common theme throughout the film is Goofy's exaggeration of his adventures.

After they arrive the scene cuts to Louie the Mountain Lion fleeing from the sound of gunfire. One bullet comes close enough to part his hair, but in the next scene it is discovered that Goofy was unaware of the lion and merely target practicing with an empty can.

Later Goofy and Goofy Jr set up camp. Goofy ties their meat up on what seems to be a rope to keep it "safe from the little forest creatures." However it turns out to be the lion's tangling tail as he was resting on a tree branch. The lion quickly devours the meat, and when the dry bone is thrown to the ground, Goofy Jr becomes suspicious that the lion might be present.

Next Goofy teaches his son how to start a fire using a hand drill. The lion sneaks up behind him but Goofy Jr shoots him with his pop-gun. The continuing gags in the film revolve around Goofy being unaware of the lion while his son is. Goofy Jr isn't afraid of the lion however, because he thinks Goofy knows about the lion and also because he believes his father's stories about being a great explorer. Meanwhile, the lion makes a continued effort to eat Goofy, but is foiled either by his own allergies or by unintentional, well-timed actions on Goofy's part.

Finally the lion slips into Goofy's sleeping bag, and when Goofy zips up the lions tail in the zipper the lion reacts in pain and roars. Finally a full on chase begins. At last they rid themselves of the lion long enough to break camp. As they are speeding away in the car, Goofy asks his son "Did I ever tell you about the time I was a race car driver?"



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