FishingPico Pico Title
Fishing Pico: Donald no Adventure Fishing
Background information
Develper: Sega Toys
Publisher: Sega Toys
Platform: Sega Pico
Release: 2000
Genre: Sports

Fishing Pico: Donald no Adventure Fishing (フィッシングピコ ドナルドのアドベンチャーフィッシング Fisshingu Piko: Donarudo no Adobenchā Fisshingu) is a package for the Sega Pico, containing a Fishing Pico and the game, Donald no Adventure Fishing (ドナルドのアドベンチャーフィッシング Donarudo no Adobenchā Fisshingu), which was not sold separately. it is released for Sega Pico on 2000 in Japan.

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