Let's Go to the Circus!
Background information
Song writer: Peter Montgomery, Barry Manilow, Bruce Sussman, Andy Belling and Nick Allen
Release date(s): 1994
Running time:
Gross revenue:

Let's Go to the Circus! is part of the Disney Sing-Along Songs series.


Mickey and his friends go to the Ringling Bros. & Barnum Bailey Circus.



  1. Let's Go (Mickey's Fun Songs Theme)
  2. Rainbow World
  3. The Circus on Parade
  4. Upside Down
  5. Aba Daba Honeymoon
  6. I Wan'na Be Like You (The Jungle Book)
  7. The Man on the Flying Trapeze
  8. Over and Over Again[disambiguation needed]
  9. Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines
  10. Make 'Em Laugh (Singin' in the Rain)
  11. The Bells
  12. Animal Calypso
  13. Jump Rope
  14. Be a Clown
  15. Join the Circus

Volume NotesEdit

  • Mickey's Fun Songs created by Peter Montgomery.
  • Originally released as Mickey's Fun Songs - Let's Go to the Circus!, later reissued in the Sing-Along Songs series.
  • Barry Manilow is reported to have composed the score for the video and wrote two original songs with Bruce Sussman, but credited as written by Andy Belling and Nick Allen.
  • This is the only Disney live-action video that doesn't take place at Walt Disney World, even though the Disney characters are shown.
  • Christian Buenaventura, Tiffany Burton and Michelle Montoya from Kidsongs, along with child actor Tahj Mowry, make appearances in the video.
  • David Larible and Eric Michael Gillett makes a guest appearance on the video.

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