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Louie the Mountain Lion is an occasional enemy of Donald Duck and Goofy in the theatrical cartoons for which they appear in.

Personality Edit

Louie is buffoonish and sometimes grumpy. His cartoons often see him chasing after either Donald Duck or Goofy.

Appearances Edit

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers Edit

Louie, along with Humphrey the Bear, appears in the episode "Bearing Up Baby", where he attempts to attack Humphrey and the Rescue Rangers.

Mickey Mouse Works Edit

He first appears in "Goofy's Big Kitty", where escapes from a circus and hides in Goofy's home and is mistaken for Goofy's new kitten.

He later appears in Goofy's Radio, where he tries to eat Goofy but uncontrollably dances to the music of Goofy's radio.

House of Mouse Edit

Louie makes a small appearance in "Goofy's Valentine Date". He also appears in "Pluto Saves the Day" just before "Goofy's Big Kitty" is shown, where Goofy tells him that this cartoon stars Goofy and him, then roars at him making Goofy say him and Goofy.

Trivia Edit

  • His appearance was modeled after the tiger in the Goofy short Tiger Trouble. The drawings of Louie in the model sheet seen below are animation drawings of the tiger from Tiger Trouble but without the stripes.
  • He may have a son. In Hook, Lion and Sinker, he attempted catch Donald Duck's fishing trip prizes with help of a young lion cub who had to pick bullets out of his backside.

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