Some of the sayings of Max Goof


A Goofy MovieEdit

  • "Arrrgh! This is the *stupidest* vacation! You drag me from home, jam me into this dumb car, drive me a million miles away to see some stupid rat show!...Call me when the trip's over."
  • "That's very mystical and everything, Dad, but there's seriously this party I have to..."
  • "You can keep the moves, but I wouldn't mind having this R.V. You're so lucky."
  • [singing] "All in all, I'd rather have detention. All in all, I'd rather eat a toad. And the old man drives that's such a klutz that I'm about to hurl my guts directly upon the open road."
  • [singing] "Still, whatever mess I land in, who is always understandin'? Nobody else but you."

An Extremely Goofy MovieEdit

  • "Um... Hey Bob, um, who's driving?"
  • "Louie, Huey, Dewey? What are you talkin' about here, huh?"
  • "Don't worry, Dad! We'll pick up some donuts on the way!"

Mickey's Once Upon A ChristmasEdit

  • [imitating Santa] "Oh, you know. Camera adds 50 pounds."
  • "That means Santa would have to make, like, 800 visits a second, not including bathroom breaks."
  • "Did you know that there are over two billion children in the world?"

TV SeriesEdit

Goof TroopEdit

  • "Dad, how long is 'not long'?"

House of MouseEdit

  • "HOLD IT! Will everybody PLEASE stop fussing over us. I hate to complain, but I asked for us to be left alone and I've never seen so many people in my life. What's next? A marching band?"

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