Mickey's Dangerous Chase
Background information
Develper: Now Production
Publisher: Capcom, Kemco, Nintendo, Disney Interactive
Platform: Game Boy
Release: July 1991
Genre: 2D action platformer

Mickey's Dangerous Chase, known in Japan as Mickey's Chase (Japanese: ミッキーズ・チェイス?), is a video game that was released for the Game Boy. This title was one of the first games to be sold under the Player's Choice category of Nintendo games. It also comes with support for the Super Game Boy hardware device.

Summary Edit

The game features some animated violence. The player takes the role of either Mickey Mouse or his girlfriend Minnie. On the way to deliver a present, Pete came along and stole it. The gameplay is a general side-scrolling action game where players destroy enemies with Super Mario World-like blocks. However, the gameplay deviates from the standard Super Mario type of platforming by not allowing Mickey/Minnie to stomp on the enemy's head.

There are items that grant temporary invincibility along with a 1-up and boosts to the player's health. Players have to navigate a lake, the summit of amountain, through a vast forest, and even stroll through the shopping center while avoiding insects, small mammals, and snowballs. All of these enemies appear in their appropriate levels (i.e., no ghosts in the town level, no flying squirrels in the haunted house level.

Nintendo Power magazine gave this game a 68% in their March 1991 issue.

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