Mickey's Jigsaw Puzzles
Background information
Develper: Novotrade
Publisher: Infogrames, Disney Interactive Studios
Platform: MS-DOS and Commodore Amiga
Release: 1991
Genre: Puzzle

Mickey's Jigsaw Puzzles, also known as Mickey: Puzzles Animes in French, is a Puzzle Game was Released for Commodore Amiga and MS-DOS on 1991 and Developed by Novotrade and Published by Infogrames and Disney Interactive Studios in European Markets. The game starred Mickey Mouse and Guest Disney Character was Appear in the Pieces.

Gameplay Edit

It allows the player to select from among 15 different pictures of Mickey and friends. Players can select how many pieces should the jigsaw puzzle have to allow for many different skill levels of children. 

Once the puzzle is complete, the child is rewarded with some simple animation of the picture. Pictures can also be printed out to create a coloring book.


 Trivia Edit

  • This is the sixth Mickey Mouse's Educational game in the Series from Amiga.
  • It is the seventh Mickey Mouse game released for Commodore Amiga in Europe.

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