Mickey journey west
Mickey's Journey To The West
Background information
Develper: Disney Mobile Studios
Publisher: Disney Mobile Studios
Platform: Mobile Phone
Release: January 16, 2007
Genre: RPG

Mickey's Journey To The West is a Mobile Role-Playing Game based on Mickey Mouse Games and the 16th century a Jorney to the West parody, released for Mobile Phones on January 16, 2007 and Developed by Disney Mobile Studios in United States.

Story Edit

Simple farmers Mickey, Donald and Goofy live in a small village and grown chickens. One morning they found that the number of chicks lost. Going in search of them, they found a cave which had never seen before. Out of curiosity, they went back and found a chest. It was a letter. Once they have read it, 'Divine Land' came out and told Mickey their fate. They should go to the West for 'ures.' Thus, the trio began their adventure...

Characters Edit