The relationships of Mickey Mouse


Picture Character Notes
Minnie Mouse Minnie is Mickey's girlfriend.
Mickey donald-2
Donald Duck Donald is Mickey's best friend.
Mickey and Goofy 2-2
Goofy Goofy is Mickey's other best friend.
Daisy Duck Daisy is a friend of Mickey's.
Scrooge McDuck Scrooge is a friend of Mickey's.
Horace Horsecollar
Horace Horsecollar Horace is a friend of Mickey's
Morty and Ferdie Morty and Ferdie are Mickey's twin nephews.
962633-fi plk2006p017 002 mrsfieldmouse large
Amelia Fieldmouse Amelia is Mickey's sister.
Pluto Pluto is Mickey's loyal dog.


Picture Character Notes
Mickey and pete
Pete Pete is Mickey's main antagonist.
Mickey's mix up
Mortimer Mouse Mortimer is Mickey's biggest rival.
The Phantom Blot The Phantom Blot is a major antagonist to Mickey

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