Mickey In The Great Outdoors
Background information
Develper: Disney Interactive
Publisher: Disney Interactive
Platform: Atari 8-Bit
Release: 1983
Genre: Education

Mickey In The Great Outdoor is a educational game was released for Atari 8-Bit, Developed and Published by Disney Interactive on 1983 in United States.

Plot Edit

Two challenging computer learning adventures for ages 7-10. The goal is to move Mickey along on his adventure. It's always a challenge because the further Mickey advances, the greater the "obstacles" he must overcome. The problems grow more complex and there's less time to solve them!

Mickey Goes Hiking. Develop and reinforce essential grammar and spelling skills. Help Mickey along on his adventure by finishing incomplete sentences and by creating words out of scrambled letters.

Mickey Goes Exploring. Develop and reinforce two basic math skills- equation solving and number sequencing. Guide Mickey through his second adventure by finishing incomplete equations and completing numerical sequences in their proper order.

Original, interactive adventure in learning for endless hours of computer fun! The adventure gets tougher as the player gets better. That means there's no end to the learning process- and no end to the fun!

Vivid visuals, super sound. High-quality animation and top-notch computer graphics combine to create a crisp, high-resolution image. The full soundtrack includes music and sound effects. Add all these features together and the result is a computer adventure that's nearly as much fun to watch as it is to play!

Easy to use! The only thing about this game that's not challenging is the instructions. They're a snap. An easy-to-follow instruction guide clearly explains the simple rules of each game.

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