The well known quotes of Mickey Mouse

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Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three MusketeersEdit

  • "But, he made us musketeers."
  • "Lie? Well, lie or no lie. Musketeers don't run from danger, and as long as we wear these uniforms, neither do we."
  • "Donald, I can't understand a word you'd said."
  • "Together we'll save the princess, or die trying"

Mickey's House of VillainsEdit

  • "Ok. Everybody, now it's time for a change of pace."

Mickey's Once Upon A ChristmasEdit

  • "I-Isn't it about time we were opening our presents? And, uh, speaking of time - What time is it?"
  • "Oh! A case... for my harmonica."
  • "And I traded my harmonica to get a chain for your watch."
  • "Oh, Minnie. You're all the music I'll ever need."
  • "Yup. She's worth her weight in gold, all right!"

Mickey's Twice Upon A ChristmasEdit

  • "What are you all doing here?"
  • "Aw come on, Pluto. Who's my pal?"
  • "Uh... hey, pal. I finished decorating. Well... almost. There's just one thing left."

Who Framed Roger RabbitEdit

  • "Gee, better let him have it, Bugs."
  • "Aw, poor fella."
  • "Gosh, I wonder who he really was?"

TV SeriesEdit

Mickey Mouse (TV Series)Edit

  • "There's nothing too good for my best pals!"
  • "That champ is nothing but a bully. Why, if I had the chance I'd show him what for."

Video GamesEdit

Epic MickeyEdit

  • "Gosh, lots of these characters look alike."
  • "I thought these folks were forgotten! I'd never forget YOU, BIG BAD PETE!"
  • "Guess some things never change."
  • "My name is Mickey."

Kingdom Hearts IIEdit

  • "Well, the guy in the picture is definitely the one who tried to take over Kingdom Hearts; the one you fellas defeated. But, what you guys actually fought was his Heartless. You see, he wasn't really Ansem, he just went around telling everybody that he was!"
  • "They'll pay for this.."

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