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Mizrabel (a pun on "miserable") is the main villain of the video game Castle of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and its remake. In the game's story, she kidnaps Minnie Mouse. As a result, Mickey Mouse has to venture through her castle to rescue her.

She later returned as the main antagonist of Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion. In that game, she was sent to Wasteland (due to her becoming a forgotten character, along with the Castle of Illusion game) and ended up kidnapping other still-popular characters so she could steal their hearts and escape from Wasteland.

In Castle of Illusion, Mizrabel notably bears some resemblance to Queen Grimhilde, both in her Queen form and in her Hag form. In Power of Illusion, she is shown shape-shifting into various Disney villains before settling on taking the form of Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty.

In the Castle of Illusion remake, her true form appears to be a combination of the Queen and Maleficent; she wears a dress similar to that of the Queen's as well as a robe and a crown, but her face bears much greater resemblance to Maleficent's and has her skin color. Also, her cape, though it connects to the sleeves like the Queen's, is ragged and torn like Maleficent's. Unlike the original game, Mizrabel reforms after she is defeated by Mickey Mouse because she learns that Mickey had a far greater magic, which turns out to be the magic of love; Mickey's love for Minnie gives him the strength and courage to go and save her.

Trivia Edit

  • When she faces Mickey in Power of Illusion, Mizrabel quotes Maleficent's lines to Flora, Fauna and Merryweather and near-quotes Maleficent's lines to Prince Phillip. This may either be by her choice or that taking on Maleficent's form may have influenced her.
  • Oddly enough, the place in the Castle of Illusion where the player confronts Mizrabel is the Forbidden Mountain, Maleficent's home.
  • When Mizrabel appears before Mickey in Power of Illusion, she takes on the forms of villains who AREN'T found in the castle.
  • When Mizrabel is defeated in the remake, she shifts into a second witch form that resembles a recolored version of Witch Hazel.

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