Mortimer mouse
Mortimer Mouse
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Voice actor/actress Pinto Colvig, Maurice LaMarche (1999–present), Jeff Bennett (Mickey's Once Upon a Christmas), Jim Meskimen (video games)
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Species mouse
Enemies Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, Goofy Goof
Quote "Ha-cha-cha!"

Mortimer Mouse is one of Mickey Mouse's main antagonists. He is Mickey's biggest rival and wants very much to break up Minnie and Mickey, so that he can date her.


In the 1936 cartoon short Mickey's Rival, Mortimer was introduced as Mickey's competitor for Minnie's affections. In the comics, this Mortimer was briefly renamed Montmorency Rodent (pronounced "Ro-Dawn"), in an attempt to differentiate him from the pre-existing uncle, but the new name did not stick. Mickey's rival was once again called Mortimer in later comics — and in the animated series Mickey Mouse Works and House of Mouse, where he utilized the catchphrase, "Ha-cha-cha!"

In House of Mouse and Mickey Mouse Works, Mortimer as Mickey's rival is voiced by Maurice LaMarche, doing an exaggerated impersonation of Jon Lovitz. As Minnie's boss in Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas, he was voiced by Jeff Bennett. Mortimer Mouse also appeared in a non-speaking cameo in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode Minnie's Birthday, sitting beneath a tree, playing a guitar. He will later appear in the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode "Super Adventure" as a villain where he intends to shrink the clubhouse.





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  • Mortimer Mouse was Mickey's original name, Disney's wife hated the name and suggested its replacement, she convinced her husband Walt Disney to change it to something more aesthetically pleasing.

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