"Mystery in Mouseton" is a four-issue story arc printed across issues 11 through 14 of Mickey Mouse Adventures, published by Disney Comics. It was later reprinted as one of the Cartoon Tales trade paperbacks following the Disney Comics Implosion.

Synopsis Edit

Part 1: "When Mouseton Freezes Over" Edit

Mouseton seems caught in its own private Ice Age, putting it at the mercy of the sinister Prince Penguin. Can even Mickey free the city from his icy grasp?

Part 2: "Hail and Farewell" Edit

Prince Penguin intends to be Mouseton's King of Cool, with Mickey's friends as his icy trophies. Can our hero turn the heat on this frosty fowl?

Part 3: "What's Shakin'?" Edit

First Prince Penguin threatened to freeze Mouseton, now Big Bad Pete is shaking down everyone in town - quite literally! Will Mickey and his pals discover who's really behind these deadly disasters before it's too late?

Part 4: "Mouseton, The Eagle Has Landed!" Edit

In this exciting conclusion to the Mystery Weaponeer saga, Mickey faces Prince Penguin, Bad Pete, AND their mysterious benefactor.

Trivia Edit

  • On the first page of "What's Shakin'?", when we first see Pete in his house, three portraits of him as depicted in past stories are shown hanging on his wall; the first two are of Pete as he appeared in Floyd Gottfredson's "The Captive Castaways" and "Mickey Mouse Joins the Foreign Legion", and the third one is of Pete as drawn by Paul Murry.