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Nestor is a Brazilian crow from Rio de Janeiro who is the best friend of José Carioca. He first appeared alongside classic comic Zé Carioca: Como Encontrei Meu Grande Amor.

Appearances Edit

Comics Edit

  • O Globo Juvenil (1943)
  • Newpaper (1944)
  • Zé Carioca (1965)
  • Almanacco Topolino Nº 168 (1970)
  • Mega Almanacco #337 (1985)
  • Almanaque do Zé Carioca (1ª Série) (1986)
  • Disney Mix: Colecionando Confusão (1989)
  • Anos de Ouro do Zé Carioca (1990)
  • Namoro Pilantrado (1991)
  • A Caminho Da Lua (1993)
  • Donald Duck 2011-10 (2011)
  • Zé Carioca 70 Anos (2012)
  • Detetives de Aluguel (2016)

Relationships Edit

  • José Carioca: It is always helped by Joe in their romantic entanglements, and always helps his friend in times of difficulty.

Enemies Edit

  • ANACOZECA (Associacao NAcional dos CObradores do ZÉ CArioca)

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