The relationships of Pete

Friends & FamilyEdit

Picture Character Notes
Peg resting
Peg Peg is Pete's wife mainly in Goof Troop
P.J. P.J. is Pete's son
Pistol Pistol is Pete's daughter
Trudy Van Tubb
Trudy Van Tubb Trudy is Pete's love interest in various comic book universes

Enemies & RivalsEdit

Picture Character Notes
Mickey and pete
Mickey Mouse Mickey is Pete's main enemy
Goofy Goof Goofy is Pete's on and off rivals and enemies. Although they are shown to some get along. Their relationship depends a great deal on the incarnation.
Donald Gets Drafted 4
Donald Duck Donald is one of Pete's enemies
Scrooge McDuck Scrooge is a minor enemy of Pete's
House Of Mouse Pete - Rent Day
Minnie Mouse Minnie is an enemy of Pete’s. This is mostly because of her boyfriend being his main enemy.