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Phantom Brat is the unofficial name of the Phantom Blot 's daughter, who only appeared in a couple of comics. It is unknown if "Phantom Brat" was her actual name, since it was shown in quotation marks in the back of a comic book issue.

Apparently she was going to be a regular character, but this did not happen.

Last she was seen, she was put in the care of Mrs. Fragmuffin.

Appearance Edit

She looks much like her father, but has a long ponytail (?) on her head, and a big pink bow. She appears to be very young. All of her toys wear masks similar to hers.

Personality Edit

She is fairly innocent, believing whatever her father tells him.

Appearances Edit

She appeared in the last panel of "The Big Fall" in Mickey Mouse Adventures #7, and in "A Phantom Blot Bedtime Story" in #8.

  • The Big Fall (1990)
  • A Phantom Blot Bedtime Story (1991)

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