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Purple Butterfly (a.k.a. Paperfly) is Gloria's superheroine alter ego.

History Edit

Purple Butterfly (Borboleta Púrpura) or Paperfly is the alter ego of Gloria. She appeared for the first time in Was Born Uma Heroína ... Borboleta Púrpura, published for the first time in Brazil on "Peninha Ranked # 15" in 1983 (and published in Italy for the first time on Mickey Mouse N.1594 in 1986 with the title "Paper Bat and Purple Butterfly").

She is usually represented as a superhero rival to Paper Bat ("Red Bat" alter ego of Fethry), which is superior on numerous occasions. Like the other superheroes of Duckburg, Paperfly has no visible superpowers and uses tricks and gimmicks similar to those of Paper Bat, as well as advanced technology (for example, an electronic locator device shaped like a butterfly, and has a Bat Paper sniffer manual-shaped nose of dog ... which often has a cold). Along with Paper Bat, Paperfly is a member of the Club of Superheroes.

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