Quackshot cover art
Background information
Develper: Sega
Platform: Sega
Release: 1991
Genre: platform

QuackShot, known in Japan as I Love Donald Duck: Guruzia Ou no Hihou, is a 1991 platforming video game developed and published by Sega for the Sega Genesis. The game was released in Europe in 1991, in North America on December 19, 1991 and in Japan on December 20, 1991. QuackShot stars Donald Duck and his three nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, as treasure-hunters, and is part of aseries of games published by Sega that were based on Walt Disney cartoon characters.

QuackShot was released to mostly positive reviews from video game journalists. The game was universally lauded for its graphics, with magazines like Sega Pro describing them as "some of the best graphics around." The game was also praised for its music and puzzles, as well as their clever use in the game. However,QuackShot was criticized for its controls, being described by IGN as "float-y" and making certain segments of the game unnecessarily difficult. The game was also criticized for its lack of difficulty overall as well as its lack of speech samples, which several other Genesis games of the time had.

Gameplay Edit

The player, as Donald, ventures through a variety of side-scrolling levels. Generally, each level is divided into an overland part and a dungeon, such as the Maharajah's palace or the temple in which the Great Duck Treasure resides. Although the player may choose any order to play the overland sections, various obstacles prevent the player from entering the dungeons outside of a specific order. In addition to this, some levels provide the player with vital clues which solve puzzles needed to progress in later sections. Once Donald has completed the overland section of an area, he may leave by calling his nephews' biplane, and will return to the dungeon entrance of that area if the player chooses to return.

Donald is armed with a special gun that can shoot plungers, popcorn or bubble gum. Donald has unlimited plungers which can temporarily stun enemies (though bosses can still be damaged with plungers), and can collect popcorn and gum along the way or get the latter from Gyro Gearloose. Later in the game, the plunger is upgraded to act as a temporary platform to climb walls with and, when stuck to a passing bird, allows Donald to traverse longer distances.  In Duckburg, India and Egypt, Donald can also pick up chili peppers which increase his temper, eventually temporarily allowing him to become invincible, increase his speed and knock out enemies in his path.

Characters Edit

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