Some of the sayings of Scrooge McDuck


DuckTales the Movie: Treasure of the Lost LampEdit

  • "Launchpad, is this a stunt you learned in flight school?"
  • "Somebody stop those pants!"
  • "Ah, nothing but old robes. 40 years of searching, and all I end up with is Collie Baba's dirty laundry!"
  • "You're a sweet kid, but don't press your luck."
  • "You go ahead, Webby dear. We quad-zillionaires have our own ideas of fun."

Mickey's Once Upon A ChristmasEdit

  • "Merry Christmas, indeed!"

Mickey's Twice Upon A ChristmasEdit

  • "My Cookies! What happened to my scrumptious silver dollar chocolate chip cookies?!"
  • "Rich, becuase I was selfish!"
  • "For me? Should I open it?"

Short FilmsEdit

Scrooge McDuck and MoneyEdit

  • "A few billion! Oh dear, how that word is abused. If it wasn't so frightening, I'd be amused."

Mickey's Christmas CarolEdit

  • "Ah, you had class Jacob."
  • "Yes, toys."

Sport Goofy in SoccermaniaEdit

  • "A dollar forty-nine!"

TV SeriesEdit


  • "If I do, darling, its all yours."
  • "Urrr, that wasn't very nice of me to talk to Mr. Woddell that way, I'll phone him back and apologize."
  • "This cannot be happening, you wouldn't talk this way to me."
  • "Goldie! My one true love!"

House of MouseEdit

  • "I'm out to deposit my cold, hard cash."

Mickey Mouse (TV Series)Edit

  • "Could I borrow five dollars?"

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