Scrooge McDuck and Money
Background information
Director: Hamilton Luske
Writer: Bill Berg
Song writer: Songs: Mel Leven
Score:Franklyn Marks
Release date(s): March 1967
Running time: 16 minutes
Gross revenue:

Scrooge McDuck and Money is a short animated cartoon made by Walt Disney Studios in 1967. It is known to be Scrooge McDuck's first animated appearance, apart from a brief cameo appearance on the Mickey Mouse Club television series. It was also one of the first cartoons that the studio released after Walt Disney's death.


In this cartoon, Scrooge McDuck tries to teach his grandnephews how to save money. Though Scrooge often bemoaned the (temporary) loss of his Money Bin during his comic book adventures, this cartoon addressed the more realistic observation that keeping his wealth out of circulation is financially unsound. Scrooge explains the money inside his Money Bin is only a percentage of his fortune; Disney Comics have followed up on the idea his Money Bin simply contains specific wealth that has special nostalgic or significance to him or simply there's no available space for it in banks (in some stories, the idea of guarding all the money in banks is considered but refused because they already guard so much of Scrooge's money they can't take more).




  • This one of the very few times that Scrooge was voiced by someone other than Alan Young, prior to his passing in 2016.

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