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Littlest Chickadees
Background Info
TV shows
Video games
Inspiration Girl Scouts
Personal info
Members April, May and June
Webby Vanderquack (comics)
Leader(s) Captain Ramrod
Daisy Duck
home Duckburg

Littlest Chickadees, sometimes also called the Chickadee Patrols or just Chickadees, are female counterparts to the Junior Woodchucks.


The Chickadees first appeared in "The Chickadee Challenge," a Carl Barks Donald Duck story in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories #161 (1954). The Chickadees' Duckburg patrol is led by a brawny woman named Captain Ramrod. Daisy Duck's nieces April, May and June Duck are members of the Chickadees, according to certain DuckTales comics Webby Vanderquack is also a member. The Chickadees are named after the chickadee, a species of small bird; the phrase "littlest chickadee" also suggests "my little chickadee", a term of endearment classically used by W. C. Fields.

The Chickadee Patrols are based to some extent on the Girl Scouts of the USA and the Campfire Girls. In the spirit of friendly rivalry, the Duckburg Troops of the Littlest Chickadees and Junior Woodchucks once held a bridge-building competition, which ended in a tie.


  • Carl Barks wrote a poem which mentions the rivalry between the two groups:
    • The world is full of clans and cults

Abuzz as angry bees And Junior Woodchucks snapping jeers At Littlest Chickadees

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