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We greatly appreciate your contributions to the Mickey and Friends Wiki. We ask that
you please read through these rules first.


  • Only add facts to the articles, with few exceptions.(see Fan Theories)
    • Do NOT add your personal opinion about someone/thing to an article.
      • example:Do not say- A character was poorly done. Do say- A character was received poorly by fans.
    • Do NOT add any false information.
  • Please don't remove facts from articles unless you have a valid reason.
    • Not liking the information is not a valid reason.
  • Do NOT create an article and then not add anything to it.
  • Only create articles about things that have some connection to the Mickey and Friends franchise.

Fan Theories

  • Fan theories may be added to the trivia section of an article.
    • They must be identified as fan theories and non-canon
    • They must be written professionally, and NOT as your personal opinion.
    • They must be kept family friendly or written in a family friendly manner.


  • Only post official images, in articles.
    • Fan art is NOT allowed anywhere, except your profile page.
  • Do NOT post any pornographic images.


  • Please be polite to other users.
    • No cursing/cussing.
  • Please try to avoid editing wars.

Rule Breakers

  • If someone is caught breaking the rules several times they will receive a warning, and if they continue to break the rules after the warning, they'll get a second warning, and if they continue they will receive a temporary block. If the rule breaking continues the blocks will get longer and they will eventually lose their account.

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