Where's My Mickey? is a game app based on Mickey Mouse, and a spin-off of Where's My Water?. It was released on the App Store on June 19, 2013.

Trivia Edit

  • Perry and Swampy make a cameo at the beach with Mickey in the trailer.

Episodes Edit

Mickey Edit

  1. When Life Gives You Lemons
  2. Fanning the Flames
  3. Growing Pains
  4. A Glass Half Empty!
  5. The Menace of Venice

Goofy Edit

  • Van Goofy
  • Ship Wrecked

Exclusive Episode Edit

  • It's a Big World After All

Collectibles Edit

When Life Gives You Lemons Edit

  • Exploding Beach Ball (Mickey 1-4)
  • Head Trapping Bucket (Mickey 1-6)
  • Daisy's "Sunglasses" (Mickey 1-10)

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